Summer Camp Athletics ProgramThe Trail's End Athletics ProgramThe Trail's End Athletics Program

Sports at Trail's End play an important role in developing self-esteem and allowing a child to grow as a person. From team sports to individual sports, the Trail's End program challenges campers of all athletic abilities in the most supportive and encouraging environment.

While our highly skilled staff offer great instruction, we have purposefully designed the program to allow kids to be kids, enjoy the carefree days of summer and play for the "fun" of the game.

Personalized Instruction: For the advanced athlete (or camper looking to improve their skills), we provide opportunities for additional intense play and individual instruction through participation in our 3-day Sports Specialty Camps and rest hour clinics.

Tournament Teams: All campers can choose to represent TEC as part of our Wayne County inter-camp teams. In line with our "attitude over aptitude" approach to camp, there are no tryouts at TEC. Campers simply sign up for the teams and take great pride in showing off their Green and White spirit when competing against other camps.

In-Camp Events: Our Flag Football League, College Day and Olympic Competition provide campers with a number of great opportunities to showcase their skills as they compete against their friends at TEC.

Golf at Trails End Camp

Specialty Sports Camps: One of the highlights of the TEC Experience is our Sports Specialty Camps. These "camps" are offered as a supplement to our structured program and provide campers with the opportunity to customize a portion of their summer. We have designed the camps so the beginner, as well as the advanced athlete, will be able to learn new skills in a fun-filled environment. Each camp is directed by professionals who have significant experience coaching kids ages 8 - 15.

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