August 6th was one of the most special days in the 70 year history of Trail's End as multiple generations came together to celebrate TEC and Starr & Stan Goldberg. The day was filled with memories, laughter and a lot of great old camp stories. It was so special to have the Laubs with us as we paid tribute to the summer home that Joe created for us in 1947 and Starr & Stan then took over in 1986. During our Alumni dinner, we couldn't help but have tears in our eyes while viewing the 70th Anniversary slide show that Rona put together. Watching it caused all of us to think back to the countless people who have touched our lives and had such an impact on us. After dinner, the Alumni had the unique opportunity of turning back the clock and once again becoming an Olympic athlete as they lined up on the ball fields, heard Stan yell "Athletes of Trail's End, are you ready" and then marched up to our Olympic Village. Ending the day with Richie Pearl, Eileen & Steph Axelrod and Starr & Stan leading us in the Alma Mater was the perfect way to finish an emotional and rewarding experience for all us. We look forward to seeing you at next summer's Alumni Day on August 5th.

Warmest Regards.
Rona and Marc

Enjoy the 70th Reunion Slideshow:

Better For Having Been