Important Camp Dates Trail's End Camp

Trail's End Camp Important Staff Dates

Trail's End Camp Important Staff Dates

Support Staff Arrive June 7
Head Counselors & Leadership Staff Arrive June 13
Group Leaders & Head of Areas Arrive June 13
Waterfront & Outdoor Adventure Staff Arrive June 14
Speciality Staff (basketball instructor) Arrive June 16
Office Staff & Medical Team Arrive June 18
General Counselors, Varsity Counselors & Laundry Staff Arrive June 18
Opening Campfire - Campers Arrive June 27
Visiting Day for Campers' Parents July 16
Closing Campfire August 13
Staff Departure August 14

FAQs Trail's End Camp Trail's End Camp FAQs

Where is Trail’s End located?

We are located in the town of Beach Lake, PA – 2.5 hours from NYC, 2 hours from Philadelphia and 10 minutes from the Delaware River.

Where are the campers and staff from?

The majority of our campers hail from the east coast of the United States – New York, New Jersey, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, to name a few.

Our staff joins us from across the country and all over the world. We recruit from the finest colleges and universities in the United States, Canada and abroad. Staff members are required to have completed one year of college prior to joining the TEC team.

What is a typical day like at camp?

No day at camp is exactly the same! Our daily program has a structure and rhythm, but we have many special days like College Day, Olympics, Carnival and out of camp trips. A “typical day” starts with reveille at 7:30 AM. We have a five or six period day that includes sports, creative arts, boating, swimming, Aqua Park and electives. After a quick shower hour, we have dinner, followed by free play and finally evening activity. Evening activity is sometimes an all-camp event and sometimes a smaller program with your group or campus, but it is always a lot of fun.

What is the difference between a Cabin Specialist and an Activity Specialist?

Cabin Specialists spend the day with campers in their group, guiding them through the days’ schedule. At each activity, a Cabin Specialist is a helping hand for the specialists at that area.

Activity Specialists report daily to an area in camp (e.g. flag football, culinary arts, waterfront). They teach campers new skills and help them to perfect those skills over the course of the summer. Both cabin specialists and activity specialists live in the bunk with their campers.

What is Staff Education Week?

There is a week-long orientation where our staff begins to develop the skills to be used throughout the summer. Orientation is equal parts serious and fun with lots of sports, activities and ice breakers. The training process continues throughout the summer with weekly meetings and ongoing support from Group Leaders, Head Counselors and Camp Directors. We are searching for a staff with the willingness to grow and learn on the job.

Where will I live?

Our bunk staff lives in cabins with campers and two to three other counselors. Each bunk usually consists of 10-12 campers and 3-4 counselors. All bunks are equipped with modern bathrooms, electricity and spacious clothing rooms.

Area Directors and Group Leaders live in private or semi-private rooms with bathrooms. Kitchen, Maintenance and Housekeeping staff live communally in large cabins.

Is there a dress code?

Staff are provided with staff shirts and sweatshirts to wear daily. You can wear your staff shirts with shorts, sweatpants, khakis or leggings. At the pool and the waterfront, female staff must wear one-piece bathing suits.

Does Trail’s End have a religious affiliation?

Trail’s End is a place for people of all religious backgrounds, though the majority of our campers are Jewish. Our staff comes from diverse backgrounds and faiths. All of camp attends a short service every Friday evening that focuses on community, friendship and character.

What is my salary?

We offer a competitive salary based on years at camp. All counselors will be paid on two separate occasions during the summer. The 1st payment is 30% of your salary and the second payment is the remaining 70%. You have the option to have your check cashed for you or held until the end of the summer. Non-bunk staff have the option of payment issued to their bank accounts via direct deposit.

How much time off will I have?

We know our staff need time to rest and recharge. You will have five days off throughout the summer, as well as three-four nights off per week and one period off daily.

We organize events during time off for our staff including movies, bowling, sports tournaments or local amusement, at no cost to you. We also set up transportation to the nearby town of Honesdale a few times a week so you can get to Wal-Mart and other local spots.

The full list of “day-off” trips will be made available during Staff Education Week, but typically includes trips to Dorney Park, Philadelphia, Woodbury Commons and New York at no cost or for a nominal fee.

Is there a staff curfew?

Yes! Curfew is 12:45 AM and we expect a quiet campus by 1:15 AM.

Will I have access to internet while at camp?

Of course – our staff lounge has Wi-Fi available so that you can connect during your time off. All cellphones, laptops, iPads and electronics must be kept in your personal lockbox in the lounge or Head Counselor office while you are working. We do not allow campers or counselors to have electronics in the bunk or around camp.

How do I get to camp?

We provide transportation from Newark Airport (add link). For domestic staff, we offer a reimbursement of up to $300 to fly to camp and up to $200 to drive to camp (with the exception of Long Island, Westchester, North Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania). International staff can receive information about travel allowances from their respective agencies.

What is the weather like at camp?

Summer days in Beach Lake, PA are warm, while the nights tend to cool off. Plan on 85-90 degree weather during the day with temperatures dropping to the 70s at night. Don’t forget to pack your raincoat – we can always count on a few good rainstorms each summer.

What are the meals like at camp?

Three meals a day are served to campers and counselors family-style by our waiters and waitresses. Along with the day’s menu, we always offer a fresh salad bar, pasta, bagels and other alternatives for those with dietary restrictions. We provide snacks twice a day (in the afternoon and evening) and fruit is available all day long in multiple locations.

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